This Instagram course is designed for anyone who want to learn how to use Instagram to grow their followers and business. We are constantly keeping up with all of the new features and changes implemented and you have lifetime access to the course.
In this course, we start with the very basics and you will learn how to create a powerful, professional Instagram profile for your business designed to effectively appeal your target customer. Even for people who have already established an account, it is imperative to know that you have done this in the optimal way for Instagram growth and marketing!



Que vais-je apprendre ?

  • Get an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of drawing
  • Learn gesture drawing, line and contour drawing, structural drawing, perspective drawing, portrait drawing and more
  • Learn and apply industry-standard drawing techniques
  • Learn how perspective works and how to incorporate it into your art
  • Gain access to the bonus section where I’ll teach you how to draw animation styled characters
  • Draw everyday objects, people, animals and scenes, using effective techniques

Sujets pour ce cours

12 Leçons06h 20m 01s

Getting started in the drawing course?

Getting started in the drawing course
How to deal with difficult customers?7:00
Introduction to the drawing00:20:00
Customer Advisory Board00:10:00

Drawing materials, mark making, blending and erasing?

Drawing materials, mark making, blending and erasing

Line and contour drawing?

Line and contour drawing

Drawing course conclusion?

Drawing course conclusion

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I did this course last winter. I’m now taking a college course on portraits. We were doing the eye and I was totally confused. I went back to the eye lessons and am much more clear on doing an eye.

This course was phenomenal. I have never really spent any time drawing so I was reluctant but Jonathan's style and information really inspired me. I was hoping the course could have gone on forever. It is really nice to know that I have continual access to the lessons because I know I will be referring to them as needed. The best review I can say is that I am going to ontinue drawing.

  • Enseignant Angélique
  • Durée 06h 20m 01s
  • Leçons 12
  • Niveau Expert
  • Catégories Payant
  • Participants 0 étudiants
  • Mise à jour mars 17, 2021

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Ce matériel inclut

  • Tutorial Booklets
  • Instruction Videos


  • No experience or pre-knowledge required
  • Any computer and/or laptop (both Window and Mac OS)
  • No special software needed, just a connection to the Internet


Public ciblé

  • Anyone wanting to learn to draw and get better at drawing
  • Artist wanting to improve their drawing skills
  • Graphic designers, logo designers, and other design professionals wanting to improve their sketching and drawing abilities
  • People who want to draw for fun or people who want to add it to their work skills portfolio
  • People who want to convey ideas quickly and easily, using visual communication
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